What is Physie?

Think of a sport that combines aspects of ballet, dance and choreographed exercises set to modern music. Throw in a sparkly leotard and a pair of ballet shoes and you have the glamorous and unique sport of Edith Parsons Physical Culture. Physie is a unique competitive sport which promotes good posture, flexibility, core body strength, coordination, rhythm, self-esteem and team spirit. Physie combines dance, floor and standing exercises for girls and ladies aged from 3 years. Based on basic ballet and modern dance, Physie is great for girls and ladies of any fitness level and helps to improve their flexibility, coordination and posture, while building confidence and making new friends.

Generations of Australian women from different backgrounds and of all abilities love being a ‘Physie girl’. Through childhood, study, having children and grandchildren, busy jobs and busy lives, girls and ladies of all ages value and return to the fitness, friendships and fun that Physie brings.

All members are taught a new syllabus of routines each year in their specific group. Non compulsory individual and team competitions give our members the opportunity to perform these routines in front of an audience to increase their self-confidence, make new friends and experience the joy of teams.

There is a saying among our Physie family “once a Physie girl, always a Physie girl”. Join us at Hawkesbury Valley Physie today and find out why!


Who can do Physie?

Girls from 3 years of age are welcome to join our clubs. Girls progress through all age groups until they reach 17 years of age when they become members of our Senior Girls. They are able to stay in these ranks until they are ready to join our Ladies classes. Of course girls and ladies may join a suitable class at any age and at any level of fitness. We have many ladies coming back to Physie having been members as children. They find the exercise, fun and friendship just the thing they need to keep both mind and body active. Many mothers and daughters have the pleasure of enjoying a common bond – their love of Physie.

Ages are calculated as per your age on our census date of 1 September each year.



3-4 Years *
Girls participate according to age (non competitive)

5-16 Years *
Girls compete according to age



Novice Seniors *
For members 17 years and above who are new to Physie (for maximum 3 years)

1st Year Intermediate Seniors
For members 17 years and above (for 2 years)

2nd Year Intermediate Seniors
For members 19 years and above (for 2 years)

Open Seniors
For members 21 years and above (from here members progress to Extended Ladies then Ladies classes at their discretion)



Extended Ladies
For members 25 years and above after competing as an Open Senior.

Elementary Ladies *
For novice members 21 years and above

1st Year Ladies
For members 21 years and above after competing as an Elementary Lady

2nd Year Ladies
For members 21 years and above after competing as a 1st Year Lady

Advanced Ladies
For members 25 years and above after competing as an Open Senior, Extended Lady or 2nd Year Lady


Entry points for girls and ladies who are new to Physie or have not done Physie for more than fifteen years are indicated with an asterix (*).